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Freeform Black Opal 'Flash' Necklace

Freeform Black Opal 'Flash' Necklace

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Freeform Black Opal 'Flash' Necklace

Part of the Crevice Collection - a unique one of a kind pendant with an uncut freeform natural piece of raw black opal with flashes of red, yellow and green.

Features a semi-matte finish on the outside and textured inside.

This necklace is ready to ship, you will receive the one in the photos.

- necklace length: 45cm
- stone: Black Opal
- pendant size: approx 18x12mm (inc. loop)
- materials: sterling silver, 24K gold plating

- handmade in the UK

Please check the Jewellery Care page here for details on how to look after your jewellery.

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