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Clear Quartz Crystal Ball Necklace

Clear Quartz Crystal Ball Necklace

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Clear Quartz Crystal Ball Necklace

A clear quartz crystal ball with textured solid silver cap.
Comes on a long sterling silver 60cm chain.

Crystal Properties
Clear Quartz - Is often called the ‘Master Healer’ - it is said to be an amplifier of all healing energies. It draws in universal energies. A wonderful stone to meditate with.

This necklace is ready to ship

- necklace length: 60cm
- stone: Clear Quartz
- stone size: approx. 10mm
- chain & components: fine & sterling silver / 24K gold plate

- handmade in the UK

Due to the process of electroforming, the pieces come out looking slightly different each time, making each piece unique! I make them to look as similar as possible to the photo.

Please check the Jewellery Care page here for details on how to look after your jewellery.

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